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Smile Is Carbonite dead???

I don't think it is dead. Remember, when the beta came out, Blizz announced that Pandaria was coming to an end, and WoD was in development. So, with an entirely different engine driving the game, there is going to be a steep learning curve for the next version of carbonite, as well as breaking it down to a modular and plain English level. Given that most of the work on the latest version and the Beta has been by one person, I think that it would be better to wait until he has access too the new code and engine so he can begin development of the new 6.something of Carbonite. I say let's give him a break and see if he can work it into his schedule of work and life and family. Also, I have seen much help offered over time since he "volunteered" to take over the further development of carbonite, but wonder if it ever "showed up". So here is to Rythal, and all the wonderful work he has put in for what we have.