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Originally Posted by kystonekop View Post
So here is to Rythal, and all the wonderful work he has put in for what we have.
The quote above (from your message) is the only part of your statements that I can agree with. I don't give a hoot about the upcoming expansions. I've only been wondering why he has neglected "talking" with us about the current version (as of Sep 19, 2014). Everything about the current or planned activities for the addon seems to be hidden and/or secretive, and this is supposedly a set of forums for discussion about the Carbonite Addon for WoW, which should at least include frequent author replies. (imo). Problems still abound. Suggestions have been made. No response from him even though other users reply with their guesses as to what they think he's working on or planning!

Granted... I too have life issues as most of us do, but I'm always checking these forums for information constantly, and most often several times daily! I've seen nothing offered about the "Current Plans For Carbonite" (this topic) and also any information about what is actually being worked on, etc. I'm not complaining; I'm only voicing an observation, which anyone can check for themselves.

I'm fairly certain that Rythal has blocked all my posts (at least I've been told that by other users on this/these forums). Therefore, he won't ever know how much I appreciate what he has done, nor will he know that as the 'author' he might be neglecting the same people who use this addon. I'm sure each and everyone of us users want to encourage him. I do it in my own way whether or not other people like it or not. Simply calling me a complainer is just a side-ways attack to circumvent and avoid the issues which I try to point out. You don't have to like it. My opinions are based upon my own experiences and observations.

He hasn't even mentioned whether or not he has finally (personally) gotten a character to Pandaria for the quests there. The mapping and the 'red question mark' to find some "common places" is still in error (in several places). That tells me he hasn't begun questing there. (I'm not talking about Raids - I never do them! I don't care about them!). I care more about the basic functionality of the core addon. And, neither am I talking about "game-breaking" issues. I'm referring to issues within the addon itself pertaining to User functionality.

How long has it been since an update to the Beta/Alpha release?... let alone the "Release Version?" -- Not even a word about what's going on! If any mention of those things has been mentioned, they are buried somewhere deep within these forums, mixed in with irrelevant topic threads, and therefore lost from users looking for answers.

I still care about the addon. I love the fact that Rythal has taken time out of his life to do what he has done. I only wish he was far more interactive with us about his plans/progress, etc. I don't know why it remains such a big secret. It can't be a 'time' issue since he replies to other (developer-related) threads. I'm only guessing, but I could understand why he may want/need other "LUA Pro's" to chip in some time and effort. He shouldn't have to carry this burden alone. And, I'll bet some of those other addon authors use the Carbonite addon as well (even though they deny it?), and they could help him refine this addon to what it was intended to be from the beginning.

If that were done, it would be a GREAT foundation for the next addon [even if he (personally) doesn't intend to work on it].

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