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Originally Posted by Hallemael View Post
I'd have an easier time trying to figure out what women really mean when they make ambiguous statements than sorting it out. Thanks in advance,

Well, do you like women? Because if you do then you need to accept the whole package. Women are like this because it is (was, no wait, I think it still is) an evolutionary advantage. When a man flirsts with a woman, her ambiguous statements bring her 2 advantages (as in: increase her chances to transmit hers genes):
1) Being ambiguous instead of just saying no, prevents her from having her head hit by a club weapon (yeah I mean caveman man since modern man wouldn't use club weapons, they would use baseball bats...)
2) Being ambiguous motivate man to bring her gifts like a duck corpse so she can eat it and survive (yeah I mean caveman man again since modern man would take her out to a romantic dinner)

Certainly, in some millions years, if those ambiguous answers turn out to not be an evolutionary advantage anymore, they will slowly disappear and, together with other man/woman differences, man and woman will become really equal. Gladly, I will be long dead when this happens.

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