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Question How much is possible regarding manipulating text strings?

Hello there!

I'm new to the addon developing front and before I start reading Lua documentations and such I'd like to ask the veterans if my idea is even possible to do.

As the most of you know (I guess) WoW Classic is built on Vanilla patch 1.12 which is fine (more or less). Unfortunately regarding the German localization it's a construction site. I guess in the mid of Vanilla Blizzard has changed its localization rules which meant a lot of regions, cities and characters names got changed. I can't speak for other languages but for the German localization it were done step by step meaning every later patch in Vanilla included changes until the pre-patch for Burning Crusade.

That means in Classic the German localization is totally mixed up. Some names are translated and some are not (but are in Retail, in the books, etc). I find this quite annoying but Blizzard has announced they won't do changes in that regard for creating an authentic experience. 1.12 has nothing to do with authentic Vanilla localization but okay, it's their decision.

So I came up with the idea to write an addon to fix the localization which means it needs to read any printed out text and, if necessary, manipulate it. From a programming perspective it's not a hard task but does the API allow to change names? Especially on the minimap, in quests and even items? If so do you have methods in mind I could play with?

Thank you in advance!
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