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Originally Posted by chemosh
Good arguments all. And sound. Never saw it that way, as far as WoW is concerned.
Thanks. I agree. I think this has been a pretty interesting discussion.

Botting/Farming/eBaying/etc... as only it applies to WoW alone was really my point all along. I'm certain these behaviors can destroy other games, and I think the SWG points have described this perfectly.

Bad game design is a massive component in this concept. I've seen games that cover the entire spectrum of player based economies and no economies at all.
City of Heroes and Anarchy Online spring to mind as having almost no economy at all.
SWG was completely the opposite, and had an extremely fragile economy. I think theirs was an interesting experiment, but ultimately showed how bad things can go.

However, WoW's concept of an economy is the best I have seen.
Their BoP concept, their camp-resistant instances, their implementation of the AH... I think all of these are wonderful checks and balances against rampant inflation, even in the face of rampant gold farming.
I'd absolutely love to see what WoW's economic model did if LittleJohn's idea were attemtped, and gold farmers and eBay'ers were allowed to go nuts on a single server, just as an experiment.
Of any online community game, I really think WoW would stand the best chance of remaining intact, and preserving the same experience it provides now.
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