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Hi Scott,

Yes I have tried several versions of nUI6 and I am loving the concept. I see no performance issues with it and I am waiting for a beta version to come anxiously. And I know with the complexity of nUI it takes time to get it right especially with WOW ever changing and breaking work you already have done. Right now tho with out the slash commands I can't customize it to the way I have been accustomed to with nUI5. I know that slash commands are going to be a thing of the past with nUI 6 and it will be great having a built in gui to adjust settings with. I do download each new version of the Alpha you release to check out the bug fixes or the new additions you get working. I am thinking nUI6 is going to be even more awesome then nUI5 and I am looking forward to the beta and release version. Like I mentioned right now just looking for something temporary to get me to that point. And let me say its not easy finding a replacement and breaking a 6+ year habit. Everyone tells me just go back to the standard bliz ui.... Umm Yeah no thanks... I am spoiled now I was spoiled almost as soon as I started using nUI. As I have said in the past I love nUI and really appreciate all the time and effort spent in producing such a great UI. I have found a temporary fix that makes wow playable again for me but I am still really missing key functions of nUI. It was so nice to have all the info you needed right where you needed it. They Automatic party/raid frames are great. The hud having just the right things you need to know right where you can see them and know whats going on. Anyway the UI setup I have know works but certainly nothing out there could replace nUI for me forever.

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