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Converting multiple BLPs (or PNGs) into a single BLP (or PNG)

In the WoW artwork files, it seems common to see a bunch of BLP files, that actually form a single art file when glued together
  • Are there any scripts, or specific tools available to convert them to a single BLP? So we don't have to use Photoshop/Gimp/etc?
  • If an executable/script is required, is it possible to do this with Lua, or is this better done in "real" programming languages?
  • It would also be great if instead of BLP files, it could work with PNG files instead, since most people would want to convert it to PNG anyway

  • I found this post from Xinhuan, but the reference only exists in the Google Cache now, but it was focusing more about the MPQ's Minimap files in particular

  • WorldMapFrame_Update and CreditsFrame_SetArtTextures seem to have the Lua logic for it, but I don't quite understand it, and it's only for making them appear pasted together ..
  • I'm also wondering how Wowhead and MMO-Champion manage to do this

Here is an example:
  • Interface\WorldMap\Pandaria\Pandaria1.blp
  • Interface\WorldMap\Pandaria\Pandaria2.blp
  • Interface\WorldMap\Pandaria\Pandaria3.blp
  • Interface\WorldMap\Pandaria\Pandaria4.blp
  • Interface\WorldMap\Pandaria\Pandaria5.blp
  • Interface\WorldMap\Pandaria\Pandaria6.blp
  • Interface\WorldMap\Pandaria\Pandaria7.blp
  • Interface\WorldMap\Pandaria\Pandaria8.blp
  • Interface\WorldMap\Pandaria\Pandaria9.blp
  • Interface\WorldMap\Pandaria\Pandaria10.blp
  • Interface\WorldMap\Pandaria\Pandaria11.blp
  • Interface\WorldMap\Pandaria\Pandaria12.blp
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