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Originally Posted by Ketho View Post
I have a different standard and still casually download cars from torrent sites
I lol'ed. I, too, download cars from torrent sites. However, I feel that's a bit different, because the things I torrent aren't free to begin with, and in some cases, are simply not (legally) available at all (for example, old TV shows that never get released to DVD/whatever because the rightsholder doesn't think it would be profitable enough).

By contrast, WoW addons are completely free, so it's not like you "need" to pirate them because you can't afford all the addons you want. The root cause for addon leech sites like WowMatrix and SolidIce isn't user demand -- it's greedy operators who see an easy way to make a quick buck from ad impressions by convincing clueless users they're a better source for addons than legitimate sites.

While it may have been true that WowMatrix was a better addon installer/updater than the Curse Client 5 years ago, I just don't think that's true anymore -- the Curse Client is certainly not a thing of beauty, but it does what it says on the tin, and is so simple to install and use a toddler could do it -- and WM/SI users are certainly at a disadvantage when it comes to selection. The only reason these people keep running/launching these sites is to make money for themselves.
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