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Hello All,

I hope all those in attendance had an enojoyable Blizzcon.

I want to honor Cairenn's wishes about not promoting on WoWInterface, but seeing as we are being discussed, I hope this reply and any futhers ones in this thread are allowed / warranted.

I understand SolidICE did not get off on a good start, but I think we are making efforts to mend those ties, if they are being received well or not, I am not sure, my chances to interact with authors has been unfortunately limited.

Ide really like to adress this quote in particular:

it's greedy operators who see an easy way to make a quick buck from ad impressions by convincing clueless users they're a better source for addons than legitimate sites.
I am not sure how WoWMatrix operates these days so I can't comment on their practices, but could you please elaborate on what makes SITE A legit and SolidICE not legit?

SolidICE is adhering to all licenses at this point, and has been for some time, as stated by Torhal, if a author does not agree with the restrictions that a license provides, they can use a more restrictive license such as All Rights Reserved. I'm confused why you would use a non restrictive license if you did not agree with its conditions.

With the first portion of your quote Phanx, you mention how these sites are looking to make a quick buck. And i will not argue that there of-course is financial motivation, but is that not at least one of the motivations behind Curse and WoWInterface. I am sure the Devs for these two sites are not working for free and eating Ramen for dinner every night, at least I would hope not. Whether SolidICE, Curse, Or WoWInterface provides the best service, experience, or tools for the authors is something the authors ultimately will decide, but I don't think that because Site A does not currently provide all of the tools Site B provides, that it makes Site A illigetimate, or that they offer nothing to a prospective user base.

We are working to not only Financially motivate ourselves, but to transfer that financial profits to the addon authors who worked so hard to create those addons. I won't go into any details of that as I don't want to cross Cairenn's wishes, but the information can be found on our site.

I hope we are able to have this discussion.


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