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Originally Posted by ronburgundyy View Post
I understand SolidICE did not get off on a good start, but I think we are making efforts to mend those ties...
Too little, too late. You don't get to steal my car and drive it around town, then return it when I call the cops, then steal it again because you forgot which cars you'd already joyridden, then return it again when I call your mom, and then expect us to be friends. Not even if you took it through the carwash and filled up the gas tank and say you're really, really sorry. That's just not how it works... especially when you're constantly accompanied by a loud-mouthed jackass who can't stop insulting everyone and pissing on everything.

Originally Posted by ronburgundyy View Post
... could you please elaborate on what makes SITE A legit and SolidICE not legit?
Are you serious? Your first move was to break the law and trample on authors' wishes. Your second move was to do it again because your theft-bot was poorly written. Your third move was to offer absolutely nothing to addon authors for months after this terrible opening act, giving everyone time to firmly cement that bad impression in their minds. Sure, you've stopped the worst of your bad behavior, and gotten around to implementing some actual features, but again -- too little, too late.

And you're still giving authors a big middle finger with this statement:

Originally Posted by ronburgundyy View Post
... if a author does not agree with the restrictions that a license provides, they can use a more restrictive license such as All Rights Reserved. I'm confused why you would use a non restrictive license if you did not agree with its conditions.
There's a difference between "doing the bare minimum the law requires" and "doing what's right". If you really wanted addon authors to view you as a legitimate operation, you'd respect their wishes -- even if you don't have to. The law doesn't forbid me from slathering my naked body in pig blood, covering up my naughty bits with pork chops and bacon, and doing a pole dance in front of my local mosque or synagogue -- but that doesn't mean I'm out there with my meat bikini and my stripper pole every Friday and Saturday. Similarly, I don't blast loud music right up until 11 PM, and I do yield my seat on the train to little old ladies.

Originally Posted by ronburgundyy View Post
I don't think that because Site A does not currently provide all of the tools Site B provides, that it makes Site A illigetimate, or that they offer nothing to a prospective user base.
Of course not. It's not your site's features, or lack thereof, that anyone objects to. It's the way you chose to go about launching and running it.
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