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Are you serious? Your first move was to
I can't fix the past, and if I had a time machine of course I would go back and do things differently, but thats not possible. I'm really talking about where we stand now as the past is an unfortunate fact we have to deal with. I respect your opinion to be upset with us and I 100% understand why. I'm not looking to discuss the past, but the present and the future.

Your third move was to offer absolutely nothing to addon authors for months
If we want to be accurate, it was about 1 month. Not months.

If you really wanted addon authors to view you as a legitimate operation, you'd respect their wishes
I really have no way to identify an authors wishes other than their license, other than PMing each and every one and introducing myself, but that is not allowed for obv reasons. I really don't understand the "this license go against my wishes, but i'm going to use it anyways". My question still stands on why you would use a license with terms that don't represent your wishes. A chosen license should represent your wishes.

Many of these open source permissive licenses specifically state that hosting is unrestricted, and allowed, its not that these licenses are saying "that not illegal", they are specifically saying "that is allowed, I am allowing and inviting you to do this". For that reason I feel your examples don't really accurately represent a valid comparison.

Some authors which have open source permissive license have asked us to remove them, and I gladly do so. I haven't ignored any authors direct requests to remove their addons. I know Fizzle's stance on this, they shouldn't even have to ask, but this goes back to the using an appropriate license discussion.

Can you give me some insight Phanx on why you would use a open source license but also prefer restrictions on hosting? I know alot of your addons are ARR and this might not apply to you, but do you have any opensource addons, if so, do those licenses not represent your wishes?

Whether SolidICE hosting opensource addons is moral or not is for each person to decide for themselves, and I can see your opinion quite clearly, a more relevant discussion I feel is about which license authors choose, why, and if they represent their wishes, and if not, why would they choose such a license.

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