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Originally Posted by stones View Post
I don't understand that ether as I said in my original post that I disabled all my add ons and I did not get the error until I enabled Carbonite. I worked a week with zygor and every thing I did pointed to carbonite as to the cause of the error
It's Zygor's module for working with Carbonite (ZygorGuidesViewer\Waypoints.lua at line 150+) that's the problem, they haven't updated it probably since WoW v4 and the changes in WoW v6 make it incompatible. Until they update it Zygor's won't work, I have written to them (including a partial fix for the problem) and still haven't even gotten a response ...

P.S. Considering I'm a paying customer that's very irresponsible of them, during Cata & MoP they usually responded with fixes quite fast, but since they started making other guides it seems there focus have moved away from WoW and right now they won't fix a problem even if you provide the fix for them...

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