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Classic Achievements

Classic Achievements

Why write this addon?
When I started playing WOW classic, I liked it.
But I did miss my achievements.
So I developed Classic Achievements.

So what does it do?
Like in retail you can earn achievements.
But there is one major difference.
All achievements in Classic Achievements are account bound.
So all of your characters on an account can contribute to an achievement.

Classic Achievements The achievements (for now).
Here you can see an overview of the latest earned achievements and a progress overview.
To the top right you can see the Classic Achievements Achievement rank you earned.
The more points you have, the higher the rank.
For now it is a work in progress and the rank is now fixed to Senior Sergeant.

Reach levels on a character and reach the maximum level on each class.
Own a certain amount of gold. This is the gold of all your character together (on an account).

Turn in quests to get an achievement.

/love some critters to earn an achievement.
/kiss Alliance and Horde leaders to earn an achievement.
/kiss them all and to get the achievement Ass Kisser

Player vs Player
I do not play on a PvP realm so for now this is a work in progress.

Dungeons & Raids
When I am doing dungeons (and later raids) I am gathering data.
But for now it is a work in progress.

Professions & Skills
Earn achievements when reaching rank 50, 125, 200 and 300 in a profession.
The same for all the weapon skills (including defense).
And earn achievements when all professions and/or weapon skills are at maximum rank.
Catching fish will earn achievements.
And catching rare fish will get you achievements.

Creating bandages will earn you achievements.

Earn achievements for gathering reputation for a number of factions.
Since all characters can tribute to an achievement you can get uber exalted with a faction.

How to use
Classic Achievements can be used through the use of a minimap button or through a LDB button.
And there is a number of slash commands you can use (slash commands are only available in English)
  • /CA or /ClassicAchievements will open/close Classic Achievements.
  • /ca fire on When an achievement is met, a frame will be shown.
  • /ca fire off When an achievement is met, no frame will be shown.
  • /ca queue fire will show a test achievement so you can determine if you want to see it.
  • /ca sound test will play the sound that Classic Achievement uses.
  • /ca sound off will turn off the Classic Achievement sound.
  • /ca sound on will turn on the Classic Achievement sound.
  • /ca money 12345 will put the amount of money in the database, in this example it is 1 gold, 23 silver and 45 copper.
  • /ca mini off will hide (after a reload) the minimap button.
  • /ca mini on will show (after a reload) the minimap button.
  • /ca profession number will set the skill level for that profession.
  • So for example /ca blacksmithing 250 will set your skill level for blacksmithing to 250 and will give you the relevant achievements.
  • You can use this for the following professions, Blacksmithing, Leatherworking, Alchemy, Herbalism, Cooking, Mining, Tailoring, Engineering, Enchanting, Fishing, Skinning and FirstAid.
  • /ca weaponskill number will set the skill level for that weapon skill
  • so for example /ca wands 300 will set your skill level for wands to 300 and will give you the relevant achievements
  • You can use this for the following weapon skills, defense, two-handed-axes, two-handed-maces, two-handed-swords, axes, crossbows, bows, daggers, guns,
    maces, polearms, staves, swords, thrown, unarmed and wands

Questions and answers
Why not do all the achievements before releasing this addon?
It is a lot of work to gather all the data I need.
In fact I allready wrote two smaller addons to gather data so that I can add more achievements.
The first one stores all the sub zone names when I discover them so that I can create more exploration achievements.
The second one gatheres data about all of the items in WOW Classic.
But it takes a lot of time shifting through the data and program the achievements I want.

Do you have plans for more achievements?
Oh yes. Have lots of Ideas.

But life being as it is, uppredictable.
Since the beginning of December 2019, the time I have for designing (and playing) has been greatly reduced.
So you can expect new achievements but it might take a while.

What do the orange brackets mean that are on the right of some achievements.
When clicking on that achievement will will you see information about the status of the achievement.
Also, see the screen prints added with this addon.

I allready have a character at max level or a profession/skill at max rank.
Can I still earn the achievements/
You can use slash commans to set the desired rank for a profession or skill.
And in a future release I want to add an option panel for this.
Better to fail then never have tried at all.

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