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Originally Posted by Xrystal View Post
It's likely a unit frames addon. If it isn't amongst the Unit Mods then it may well be that they developer didn't bring it forward to work with one of the more recent expansions.

You might want to take a look at some of the ones that do exist and see what comes closest to what you want. At least until you identify which addon it was back when MoP was active.

I took a quick look through the unit frames lists on wowi and curse but nothing similar in the first few pages.
I'm thinking it was one of my addons which had a bar texture that looks like that, which would appear on my weakauras setup when making a progress bar and applying that bar texture to it.

I attempted to make a custom bar texture on photoshop, which I was able to replace with a bar texture from weakauras folder, it did show up in game but I was unable to make the background transparent on the angled edge, even though on photoshop I set up the background as transparent, saved it as TGA and copied it into the bar textures folder.

I tried out REALui, which was close to what I wanted, but I keep getting lua errors on it. It's a pretty hard UI to customise and add to it apparently. Search continues.
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