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Heya, Xrystal, and thanks for posting a speedy fix. The new microbar file does indeed make the map and quest log work. My microbar also seems to work as long as I don't pet battle.

During the pet battle (yeah, I had to try it), my microbar did indeed freak out. Unlike yours, which went to the bottom of the screen, mine went to the top middle-right -- slightly above the class icon of the enemy pet on the pet battle screen. Maybe that's because I normally keep my microbar in the top left of the screen? (Everyone else seems to park their microbar in the top center of the screen.)

Curious, I went into the movers screen (/nui movers) and slid the Microbar around. The pink bar where the microbar usually lives was still in the lefthand corner. The buttons, however, remained in the top middle/right spot. As I moved the microbar's pink bar around, the buttons moved around the screen in a pattern that I can't begin to describe -- sometime in sync, sometimes closer, sometimes farther away. It would follow the same path, but the distance between the pink bar and the buttons didn't remain constant.

The buttons all seem to work no matter where they are on the screen.

Additional weirdness: I use the mouseover option for the microbar. (It's /nui console mousever). That'll hide both the microbar and the buttons. Very convenient.

However, I was playing around with that feature - turned it off, on, back to mouseover. At one point I managed to shrink the microbar to about a quarter of its current size. A UI reload popped it back into its normal size.

I'm running only three NUI addons: NUI 5.07.40, Centered HUD and Transparent Console.

Sorry for the long post. I can't fix the problem, but I hoping that a few more clues might point you toward a fix.

Good luck!