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Not Sure If....?

I started playing WoW in the ending days of Vanilla. From my first week, at the suggestion of a friend, I loaded and have been using exclusively Carbonite, and totally loved the mapping aspect. Blizz's mapping system really is a PITA, and when new major patches come out that impact Carbonite to the point of not being able to use it for awhile, I'm lost and frustrated to no end because of the poor mapping system in Blizz. I had a good job making decent money, and was able to make donations via PayPal of around $200. But I was involved in an accident that put me on disability, and have not been able to make donations for a few years. I feel kinda guilty in not being able to do so, but really can't. So please don't think I am complaining about service, for I'm definitely not!
When 6.0.2 came out, the game would freeze every time I opened it, until I disabled the Carbonite addons. I thought, ok, same as in the past, just will have to suffer for a week or 2 until it is updated. However, now all modules are enabled and the game no longer freezes up...but none of the carbonite mods show, except the symbol in the minimap - which does not do anything when I click on it.
I've tried to find temporary alternatives for mapping, but none do the same that Carbonite does that I have found so far. Am I doing something wrong, missing something? I've seen no updates via Curse, and seems nothing new on the website for quite awhile. I'm running v 5.1.5 - am I missing an update?
If anyone knows something that I'm missing, please do let me know! Also, if you know a mapping system addon that is comparable to Carbonite that I can use temporarily until Carbonite is updated, let me know what it is.
To the developers that took over Carbonite from the old guard, thanks for your dedication and commitment in keeping Carbonite going. I applaud you in stepping up, and for your commitment in doing so.