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Based on the code used in Who Framed Watcher Wabbit this should probably work:

lua Code:
  1. -- Keep track of headers and lines we already processed:
  2. local skinnedHeaders, skinnedLines = {}, {}
  4. -- Function to apply changes to headers and lines:
  5. local function UpdateLine(module, block, objectiveKey, text, lineType, useFullHeight, hideDash, colorStyle)
  6.     -- Process the header:
  7.     local header = block.HeaderText
  8.     if header and not skinnedHeaders[header] then
  9.         -- Center align the header text:
  10.         header:SetJustifyH("CENTER")
  11.         -- (You can add more changes here if you like)
  12.         -- Add it to the table of headers we already processed:
  13.         skinnedHeaders[header] = true
  14.     end
  15.     -- Process the line itself:
  16.     local line = block.lines[objectiveKey]
  17.     if line and not skinnedLines[lines] then
  18.         -- Center align the line text:
  19.         line.Text:SetJustifyH("CENTER")
  20.         -- (You can add more changes here if you like)
  21.         -- If the line has a dash...
  22.         if line.Dash then
  23.             -- ...hide the dash:
  24.             line.Dash:Hide()
  25.             -- ...and prevent it from being shown in the future:
  26.             line.Dash.Show = line.Dash.Hide
  27.         end
  28.         -- Add it to the list of lines we already processed:
  29.         skinnedLines[line] = true
  30.     end
  31. end
  33. -- Hook the AddObjective method for all modules:
  34. for i = 1, #ObjectiveTrackerFrame.MODULES do
  35.     hooksecurefunc(ObjectiveTrackerFrame.MODULES[i], "AddObjective", UpdateLine)
  36. end
  37. hooksecurefunc(SCENARIO_TRACKER_MODULE, "AddObjective", UpdateLine)

Depending on how the lines are sized and anchored (I didn't look) you may need to make additional changes to support center alignment. If it doesn't look properly centered, post a screenshot.
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