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GetAuctionItemInfo removing items from auction house page

I am playing around with developing a personal auction house API, but I am running into one issue that I don't know how to approach solving. My current goal is to do a GetAll search and then record the information for each of the items. The problem is that calling GetAuctionItemInfo seems to be able to update the list, removing auctions. Here's a high level explanation of what my issue is:
  • I do a GetAll search
  • I call GetAuctionItemInfo on auction 1
  • It returns none, some, or all of the information
  • If it returns some of the information, I have to call GetAuctionItemInfo on it again

The problem is that in that last step, if the auction was removed from the list, then I might be calling GetAuctionItemInfo on a new auction, and there doesn't seem to be a way to guarantee that it is the same.

Maybe I'm just misunderstanding something? If anyone could give some guidance for this I would greatly appreciate it, thanks!
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