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Thanks for that independent view of the code.I clearly didn't think outside of the box enough on this one rofl.

As I suspected, that can't be the reason one works and the other doesn't. Both scroll frames have access to the same template with the initial TOPLEFT anchor.

When the fontstrings are created BOTH scroll frames specify the height and width based on the container they are in. This is supposed to be the equivalent of specifying a TOPLEFT and BOTTOMRIGHT anchor system.

However, seeing as I assume it worked, I made the change anyway .. as follows:

Lua Code:
  1. <FontString name = "XrystalUI_ScrollingText" parentArray = "List" inherits = "XrystalUI_Font_08" text = "Scrolling Text" virtual = "true">
  2.         <Anchors>
  3.             <Anchor point = "TOPLEFT" x = "0" y = "-2" />
  4.             <Anchor point = "TOPRIGHT" x = "-25" y = "-2" />
  5.         </Anchors>
  6.         <Color r = "1.00" g = "1.00" b = "1.00" />
  7.     </FontString>

This seems to work as expected.

I can't understand why the Splash Screen worked without the change and the Profile List worked after the change ( without affecting the Splash Screen ). I double checked the code yet again in case I missed something connected to the anchoring and sizing system but nada .. they were identical. The only difference is that the Profile List is being housed into another frame created by Blizzard which may not be definied in the same way the UIParent is that my Splash Screen sits on. I will have to remember to bear that in mind when something similar crops up.

The question will always remain with why one worked and the other didn't... the mystery still exists. But at least it works now, so thanks.
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