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Originally Posted by Tsurani View Post
not to be a jerk or anything but i only download mods from wowace and from here. mainly cuz i trust the folks here, especially since it has an installer that is an .exe, with all the key loggers and other virii floating around.
Sorry, this was like fingernails on a chalkboard to me. This best sums up my thoughts on your comment...

From the web...

"There are many words in English that originated in Latin and retain the Latinate pluralization. We have alumnus/alumni, alumna/alumnae, bacterium/bacteria, etc. There are others that have two acceptable plurals, Latinate and English: gymnasium/gymnasia and gymnasiums, forum/fora and forums, helix/helices and helixes, etc.

The word virus certainly originated in Latin, but here is the problem with the "genius" who thinks that the "proper" plural is "virii". First of all, there is no reputable English dictionary that lists the word "virii". Second, and even more importantly, Latin words of a certain declension are pluralized by changing -us to -i, not -ii. Therefore, even in Latin, virus would not become "virii". Finally, while there was a word "viri" in Latin, it had nothing to do with "virus". The Latin word "virus" did not describe microorganisms. The Romans had no knowledge of such things. The Latin word "virus" meant venom, slime, stench and it had no plural. Modern scientists borrowed the word to name a certain "new" type of infectious agent. The plural of virus was then and is now "viruses".

Let's stamp out the use of the "word" virii. Only you can help you! Virii is pseudo-technical-pedantic garbage.

The word is VIRUSES.