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Originally Posted by Republic View Post
Sorry, this was like fingernails on a chalkboard to me. This best sums up my thoughts on your comment...

From the web...

"There are many words in English that originated in Latin and retain the Latinate pluralization. We have alumnus/alumni, alumna/alumnae, bacterium/bacteria, etc. There are others that have two acceptable plurals, Latinate and English: gymnasium/gymnasia and gymnasiums, forum/fora and forums, helix/helices and helixes, etc.

The word virus certainly originated in Latin, but here is the problem with the "genius" who thinks that the "proper" plural is "virii". First of all, there is no reputable English dictionary that lists the word "virii". Second, and even more importantly, Latin words of a certain declension are pluralized by changing -us to -i, not -ii. Therefore, even in Latin, virus would not become "virii". Finally, while there was a word "viri" in Latin, it had nothing to do with "virus". The Latin word "virus" did not describe microorganisms. The Romans had no knowledge of such things. The Latin word "virus" meant venom, slime, stench and it had no plural. Modern scientists borrowed the word to name a certain "new" type of infectious agent. The plural of virus was then and is now "viruses".

Let's stamp out the use of the "word" virii. Only you can help you! Virii is pseudo-technical-pedantic garbage.

The word is VIRUSES.

sorry but i have been useing the term virii since the days of the BBS (late 1970s) and the MUDs.

But i am old school (pushing 40 yrs old) heck i still use the term 4 bits and 6 bits, the terms "4 bits" and "6 bits" referred to fifty and seventy-five cents.


*combining posts*

Originally Posted by Sepioth View Post
Mobmap is a great addon. Your missing out if you don't try it.

It is safe and as posted above is included in various UI packages here. Anything posted here is checked first before being accepted.

Manual Install Zip file -- HERE

English Data Files -- HERE

One thing about this site is they also promote other sites. Take the Top 75 addons page ... they link you to other sites if they don't carry it here. They also won't allow you to be sent to places that they don't trust themselves.

Also Cartographer Quest Objectives was updated 2 days ago at the WoWAce Site ... HERE

I'm sure if Cairenn and the others have a problem with MobMap they will delete these links as well as close this thread.

FYI ... I just downloaded the files and ran them through McAfee AV (Updated today as well) and they came up clean.
Actually cartographer quest objective itself wasn't updated, but one of the embedded libs was, so when that happens all the mods that use that lib gets updated. the last change log for that mod was back on 14 feb 2008



ok ya'll just wanted to make sure that mod was safe like i said there is a lot of mods out there that are far from safe. hence why so many accounts are hacked and stolen. i have been lucky enough to not be compromised yet (been playing wow since the beginning of closed beta). and that is cuz i am paranoid. cuz i know exactly what c0de monkeys can do (i used to be one).

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