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0.) Create a NEW character on a NEW server (so you don't mess up your addon settings.
1.) Disable all addons except TomTom and LightHeaded (and LightHeaded's data addons).
2.) Log into the game on the new character
3.) Open interface options and ensure "Display Lua errors" is selected
4.) Once in-game, type /way 50 50

You should see an arrow or icon pop up on the minimap, and the same waypoint should be displayed on your world map.

5.) Accept your initial quest (do a few of them to be sure)
6.) Open the quest log by pressing "L"
7.) Select a quest, and click on the "End NPC".

You will see a list of locations for that NPC, in blue.

8.) Click one of them.

You should see that location added to the minimap and world map.

This is how LightHeaded is supposed to work. If it works in this setting, then things are installed properly and you have another addon interfering.

Please let us know what you find out.
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