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Originally Posted by wardz View Post
You have to build a database of the unit's information by scanning your party members target, mouseover, nearby nameplates etc. If a nearby nameplate belongs to your focused player, you can use something like nameplate1.Healthbar:GetValue() to get the health. For auras/casts you can parse the combat log. This is how focus frame works in vanilla aswell. Edit: Technically you could also estimate health based on damage taken in the combat log.

Edit2: I think in Classic/Retail nameplates have valid unitIDs which would make things slightly easier.

Btw, there's no way to target the focus in classic. At best, you could make your addon create a macro for you automatically like: "/targetexact name /cast spell /targetlasttarget" but addons can't create macros in combat so you won't be able to set a new focus in combat.
I knew there was no way to target the focus, but I didn't know about the nameplate workaround to try to get unit health that way. I will look more into that. Thanks a lot for the helpful info!
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