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Originally Posted by DashingSplash View Post
I got a bit intrigued by the table wipe discussion since I used it for my first AddOn that I made (or rather an early version of my first AddOn). Since I had trouble with the tables keeping their old values when the UPDATE_BINDINGS event was triggered I had to wipe the tables as shown below.

Lua Code:
  1. local table_1 = {t = {}, st = {}, ct = {}, at = {}} --Filled after dashingUpdate has executed
  2. local table_2 = {t2 = {}, st2 = {}, ct2 = {}, at2 = {}} --Filled after dashingUpdate has executed
  4. local function dashingUpdate(self, event, ...)
  5.     for _, tableWipe in pairs(table_1) do
  6.         wipe(tableWipe)
  7.     end
  9.     for _, tableWipe in pairs(table_2) do
  10.         wipe(tableWipe)
  11.     end
  12. end

Would this actually be an OK way to do it, or would I get problems if the addon had been updating a lot more?
Depends on what the rest of your code looks like. If you're already running the same loops later in the code when you write to the tables, do it there.
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