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?? about macros and an addon question

Wasn't sure where to put this question due to the question about macros, sorry if it's in the wrong place.
Question #1 I don't know much about macros and wanted to create a set of simple (I hope) macros. I want to create a macro so when I target someone I can, say wave or salute that targetted person by just pushing a action key and not having to go into my emote menu. How would I do that?

Question #2 I have alot of reputation stuff sitting in my bank and was wondering if there is an addon that in my tooltip would tell me, what faction it is a rep item for, what rep levels I need to be to turn it in/what level I would hit when it doesn't do me any good to keep anymore and perhaps the person who I turn it into. Kind of a Reputation Sorting Addon, anything like that out there?

As usual, thanks to you all for your reading and responding to all of my questions, wierd and otherwise!!

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