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Could use a hand with custom actionbars

Hey there. I've come across a somewhat annoying little problem regarding the newer version of my custom-made actionbars.

1) actionbars are made from scratch, and the main bar responds to page/possession/vehicle/... changes in regards to the abilities shown
2) the default blizzard bars are removed (hidden, show function cut, all unregistered)

now, the issue is as follows:
i would like to preserve the default keybindings as the bar layout is actually the same. by default, this actually almost works, in that the bindings will generally hit the respective ability that is visible on the new actionbar (since that same ability is also what would be on the default actionbar at that point in time). the problem is however, that upon spec changing and sometimes (yes, only sometimes..odd rly) upon entering a vehicle (really only noticed it with oculus drakes actually) the bindings do not auto-update and the hotkey hence still tries to cast the respective skill occupied by that button prior to spec changing or entering a vehicle.

i figured its a fairly simple problem in that there's probably just some event registered to the default mainactionbar (onupdate would be my guess actually, since hiding alone without unregistering results in the same issues) that would normally take care of adjusting bindings to hit the new ability of reference, and that is merely no longer called due to having effectively removed the default bars.

so my question to you is, does anyone know a) what the needed function would be to update the bindings again and b) where exactly its normally called?
(i'm normally not this terrible at finding stuff myself but i've been pretty damn blind for the past couple days, lol)
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