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@ (Active/Former) U.S. Navy Peoples!

AFQT Percentile Score: 82

Line Scores:
62  63  60  58  53  62  53  64  62  59  51
So, I took the ASVAB a few days ago and received the score above, it was a no obligation visit (I got a ride with someone going for theirs as well who'll be joining in a few weeks) and I just wanted to see how I'd score before enlisting.

I've been planning on joining the U.S. Navy for about 9~ months now. My wife is physically disabled due to a car accident she had about 8 years ago, so it took a bit more time planning things out, but I've gotten everything sorted now and all I've got left to do is get a few grand to move her accross the country and get things started.

So, the reason I've posted my information and all of this is for a bit of advice:

I don't know what jobs to really look at! It is my understanding that a lot of the reason for MANY individuals to join, or when they are looking for a job, is that they are look at something that will help them later in their life. This, however, isn't the case for me, and the jobs that could potentially give me a bit more experience in this, my wife and I have discussed I won't seek.

So, moving on from there, I've been looking at jobs associated to Aircrew and Submarine programs, and really would just like some help, suggestions, advice, whatever you can offer!

I really do appereciate it, thanks!

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