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Hi ircdirk,

You said:
In one way u want to have Live Releases fast in other u want them to be 'approved' and tested. Its hard to join those two.
Some of that is true -- everybody would like to have faster Live Releases (even you), but I never requested that. The part where you said "It's hard to join those two," is not what I said, and it is not something I suggested.

ircdirk, you posted this earlier, and it was also in my own post #6 in this thread.
"Rythal when are u plannig next release? Many fixes have been made in GitHub. Users are still reporting issues that are already fixed."

There is no actual (announced) BETA Version of Carbonite. If some users begin using the GitHub versions instead of the Live version, they would have to register with GitHub and learn how to use it merely to report bugs, questions, comments, etc. That would interfere terribly with the actual Developer's efforts. In my opinion, normal users should not be posting in the GitHub.

You said:
Latests GitHub version is really Release Candidate so it probably be the next Live version.
Why can't the "Release Candidate" be offered eventually as a BETA version instead of calling it a Live version? That way, it would no longer be in the GitHub and could be posted in a new sub-forum named:
["Carbonite: BETA Version -- Post comments or errors here ONLY if you are using the BETA!"].
Users wouldn't need to join GitHub and maybe the "double-posting" of errors could be avoiding? As it is now, the Live version is being used as a BETA version, or at least it appears that way to me. The naming scheme is confusing. Is the "Live" version actually meant to be called a "Release" version, or is an actual Release version something which will be posted in the future?

My apologies if I wrote too much. It's now 3:00am my time, so I'm a little tired. Sorry.

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