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With a little delay, I wish you the best for the future.
Big thanks for all the development and so > "more and more" work that you performed in order to maintain Carbonite during these last years.
It's was a big challenge.

As anecdote, I remember the difficulty trying to pass Carbonite in gpl license, it was not esay to get the source code,
property of "Carbon Based Creations" at that time.

Carbonite still exists today... The merit goes greatly to you !

So now, what can we do ? it's life, trying to move forward !

Carbonite is a fairly comprehensive software but also very complex, no ?
Furthermore, it takes a lot of time and strong knowledges in programming languages and scripting, you must know the API Blizzard also.

I think it's a too heavy work for a single debugger / scripter ???

maintaining this software requires to find selfless volunteers who have the knowledge required to give help.

I unfortunately do not have the programming skills
just following the debuggers / scripters for translations into French if needed, i can't do more !

Must be a big fan of WoW game with a big heart to spend all that time on the computer
in community service to try operate at best this add-on

Just Think about it before criticizing those working trying to improve Carbonite

So... again, Big Thanks we hope to see you soon for news.

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