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I think you posted this in the wrong forum you may want to delete this post and repost under the mazzle ui forums found here http://www.wowinterface.com/forums/s...ead.php?t=8390
and who knows you may not have to ask if you search with in that thred though i'll tell you mazzlefizz is good for responding to issues =)
don't worry you'll fix it

Originally Posted by apexman
before the patch i was using the mazzle UI and you change the interface and wtf folder, which caused problems with the in game when i tried to change it back, i am no longer able to look at the 'looking for groups windows' or my quest log. I dont know what else to look at in order to fix i tried re-installing wow... which was a pain in the butt by the way. It worked for for the first time i ran it, then i tried this morning and i had the same problem. Any idea on how to fix it?
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