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  • We have determined that the defense statistic was being applied to items too liberally, causing those items to be stronger than they should have been relative to other items of the same level with different effects. As a result, we have reduced the amount of defense points on all items with bonuses to defense by approximately 33% in order to bring those items in line with other similar items.
  • Proficiency Bonuses have been added to the game. Some sets of equippable items have been added that will give bonus effects to the player only if they have a specific skill, such as Leatherworking.
  • With the new ability to train Hunter pets with considerable magical resistance, the amount of pet resistance granted by the set bonuses for the Giantstalker's and Dragonstalker's has been reduced while the pet health granted has been increased.
  • The Earthfury set bonus that increases the range of totems now works with the Mana Tide Totem.
  • The Giantstalker's set bonus that increases Volley damage now works properly.
  • The Lawbringer Paladin Set's Healing Circle effect now only affects your party, but the range of the heal has been increased to 30 yds.
  • The pants and gloves for the Dreadmist, Magister's and Devout sets have had their Agility removed, and other statistics slightly increased.
  • The free mana cost buff provided by the Mage's Netherwind armor set is now called "Netherwind Focus" and will be noted in your combat log.
  • The effect of the Judge's Gavel has been changed to a stun.
  • Flarecore Gloves now bind when equipped.
  • Flarecore Leggings and Robe now provide a damage bonus to all spells, not just fire spells.
  • The duration of the Bonereaver's Edge weapon debuff has been lowered, but the frequency of the effect has been raised.
  • The Polychromatic Visionwrap is now a cloth item with durability.
  • The Searing Needle's proc will now do the listed damage of the tooltip.
  • The Unstoppable Force now has a short duration stun instead of a knockback effect, and the stun will occur less frequently.
  • Changing stances no longer removes the Orb of Deception effect.
  • When you have more than one transformation aura (Orb of Deception, Noggenfogger, etc.), the last one applied is the one that is shown.
  • Several of the Molten Core Epic Weapons have been updated with new weapon glows.
  • Totems affected by the Earthfury set bonus no longer have their effect flicker when players are outside their normal radius.
  • Fixed bug preventing several items, such as the Goblin Jumper Cables, from being gift wrapped.
  • Fixed bug where equipping and unequipping set items and other items with the same bonus as the set bonus could reduce the affected stats twice until logout.
  • Sayge's Dark Fortune of Resistance now adds +25 to all schools instead of +10%.
  • PvP reward gloves that grant stealth detection have had the detection reduced somewhat.
  • There are now items in the game that have a duration on them that is measured in real time. For instance, there are fish that have a four-hour duration; they only last four hours regardless of whether or not the character is logged in.
  • Alterac Valley Spring Water now has a minimum level of 55.
  • The Lobotomizer's proc name has been changed to "Brain Damage".
  • Corrected the art for the Nether-lace Tunic.
  • The Marshal's Lamellar Legplates now have the proper strength bonus.
  • The Fire Runed Grimoire and Darkmoon Card: Heroism are now properly considered armor items.
  • The spirit buff from Bottled Alterac Spring Water should now work for shapeshifted druids.
  • The Marshal's Silk Gloves now has the Mana Shield improvement effect.
  • The effect tooltips for The Black Book, Gutgore Ripper, and Natural Alignment Crystal now properly list their duration.
  • Scout's Blade now properly sheathes at the hip.
  • A few items in the Alliance PvP Rogue and Druid sets were previously misnamed, this has been corrected.
  • The Cenarion and Earthfury Vestments now have proper durability values.
  • The Sergeant Major's Silk Cuffs and First Sergeant's Silk Cuffs now have the same amount of stamina.
  • The stun from the Tidal Charm trinket no longer breaks when damage is dealt to the stunned target.
  • The Fade effect on the Stealthblade will no longer trigger the cooldown for the Rogue's Feint ability.
  • The effect of Black Amnesty will now be noted in the combat log.
  • Rethban Ore, Black Diamonds, and Pristine Black Diamonds may now be found in the Miscellaneous Junk category of the Auction House.
  • Blue Wedding Hanbok name changed to reflect the actual color of the dress.
  • The minimum level 48 Lorekeeper's Ring and Advisor's Ring now properly consider their effects to be passive.
  • Hair should no longer stick through the Helm of Endless Rage.
  • Key to the City is now considered Uncommon loot.
  • The Amulet and Orb of the Darkmoon have had their stats improved and are now Epic (purple).
  • Fishing poles which provide the same bonuses as lures now get the extra bonus from the lure when it is applied.
  • Fixed bug where moving enchanted weapons from one hand to the other would remove the equipped enchantment benefit.
  • Fixed bug where swapping two equipped trinkets would remove one of the trinket's passive effects.
  • Night Dragon's Breath can now be used while silenced.
  • Texture for the Dragon's Touch wand corrected.
  • Bind on Equip Bracers and Belts in Molten Core now drop more often.
  • Cenarion Helm texture fixed.
  • Invulnerable Mail changed to a lower duration effect, but your own melee swings will not interrupt the invulnerability.
  • You can now modify the auto-cast status of pet spells in the pet spellbook.
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