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  • Chat and Combat Logging
    • The script functions ChatFrameLog() and ToggleCombatLogFileWrite() are obsolete.
    • Added script function: isLogging=LoggingChat([newState]) (Returns new state (or current state if no argument))
    • Added script function: isLogging=LoggingCombat([newState]) (Returns new state (or current state if no argument))
    • New slash command /chatlog toggles chat logging (/combatlog toggles combat logging)
    • The file for the chat log is Logs\WoWChatLog.txt and the file for the combat log is Logs\WoWCombatLog.txt
    • Chat and combat log files will be appended to rather than overwritten.
    • You now receive combat log messages and damage feedback when you are being attacked by creatures you can't see.
    • If you call a tamed Deepmoss Hatchling, you are no longer notified that you hatched.
    • Fixed disconnection caused by relinking an item in a different locale than that of your client.
    • Looted items now always show their names in the appropriate quality color.
    • You now get combat feedback when you take damage from unseen opponents, like the Unseen in Raven Hill.
    • Fixed damage display on the character sheet when you have Fury of the Frostwolf or Stormpike's Salvation.
World Environment
  • The Ranazjar Isle sub-area has been added off the northwest coast of Desolace. The Ranazjar Isle puzzle piece now properly pops when you venture there.
  • Entering the zeppelin towers at Durotar and Grom'gol Base Camp no longer incorrectly flags you as being in the Valley of Strength.
  • Argent Dawn, Timbermaw, Zandalar and Arathi Basin vendors now show you their entire inventory regardless of current reputation, allowing players to peruse their full range of wares. The items in question now require the appropriate reputation level to make use of them.
  • Some of the ship and zeppelin paths have been modified.
  • Gor'tesh and Grol the Destroyer should no longer stay in evade mode indefinitely.
  • A new inn has been added to the Grom'gol Base Camp in Stranglethorn Vale at the base of the zeppelin tower.
  • The Champion's Hall and the Hall of Legends have new load screens.
  • Some Horde quest NPCs were moved to new locations to promote more intuitive quest flow: Storm Shadowhoof who was previously at Bloodvenom Falls in Felwood has been moved to Everlook. Witch Doctor Mau'ari who was previously in Orgrimmar has been moved to Everlook.
  • Scorpids above level 10 now drop more valuable parts than they did previously.
  • Rare Felwood creatures should now have loot.
  • Twilight's Hammer creatures in Silithus can now be pickpocketed.
  • Zone bound items, such as the Gordok Courtyard Key, will no longer leave your inventory if you are a ghost outside their intended zone. Reviving in a zone outside the item's listed zone binding will still cause the item to disappear, however.
  • Pelturas Whitemoon's faction has been fixed; the NPC is now properly associated with Darnassus.
  • Narm Faulk is now a part of the Ironforge Faction.
  • Hadoken Swiftstrider now has gossip text.
  • Ferra can now be skinned.
  • Fixed a typo in Ogunaro Wolfrunner's greeting to those who are not yet friendly with Orgrimmar.
  • Fixed a typo on a signpost in Western Plaguelands.
  • Sayge's buffs at the Darkmoon Faire are now exclusive to one another.
  • Onyxia no longer teleports from point to point while flying.
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