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Elitism on the PTR


imo, blizzard needs better requirements for people who use the PTR. for example a max level char. <long paragraph basically saying Blizzard should require people have a Level 80 on any realm before they can get on the PTR>
*face palm*

And my reply to him :

You've just excluded 50 % of all the addon authors including many of the major addon authors who don't have a max level toon on any realm.

Some of them don't even have a toon past Level 1.

Let's see now .... Caireen of Wowinterface.com ... doesn't have a max level toon ..... Kaelten .... no max level toon .... CK Knight (author of Cart as well as a ton of other addons) .... nope don't think so ... Shirik (author of wowinterface's addon client) .... Nope no time....

A max level toon is not needed for serious addon development nor is it needed to provide decent feedback. With this requirement you will prevent many of the major addon authors in the community from being able to install the PTR to test their addons prior to a patch coming out.

In fact Boubielle of MMO-Champion.com doesn't have a max level toon I don't think. If i recall correctly there was an interview where he said he didn't have an 80 and had stopped actively playing a while ago.

That's a a major source of information you've just excluded right there.
Can someone here check my facts ? I don't honestly remember if Shirik had a max level toon but I know our illustrious admin doesn't. And erm Cairreen I've probably misspelled you name like I do all the time.
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