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A simple actionbar


I have run out of space on my actionbars. I would like one extra. Nothing fancy, I am happy that it looks just like the ordinary, standard 6 actionbars. I do not want an addon that will redesign my UI. If Blizz had provided a 7th Actionbar, I'd be very happy.

I am happy to write the addon code myself, but I have not really got much (any) experience with graphical/UI elements.

I am not sure how complicated this addon will be and in how many ways it could (and will) go wrong. I have searched for ready made addons and first, there aren't thatt many (especially for SL), and also user complaints of many bugs / interactions with spells and abilities disappearing/blocked etc

Currently I was testing "button forge" but it does not run in SL and looks oh so complicated.

If anyone has worked on a "let's make a simple actionbar" I'd appreciate hints!

Many thanks
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