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Duplicated changelog uploading via API

When I use https://github.com/BigWigsMods/packager to upload my newest versions, I end up getting the provided changelog twice on my addon pages.


The code executed by the packager is this:

curl -sS --retry 3 --retry-delay 10 -w "%{http_code}" -o "/cygdrive/c/Program Files (x86)/Ludius/World of Warcraft/_retail_/Interface/AddOns/Bagnon_RequiredLevel/.release/wi_result.json" -H "x-api-token: NotPastingMyTokenHere" -F "id=24849" -F "version=1.16" -F "compatible=9.0.1" "-F changelog=</cygdrive/c/Program Files (x86)/Ludius/World of Warcraft/_retail_/Interface/AddOns/Bagnon_RequiredLevel/.release/WOWI-1.16-CHANGELOG.txt" -F "[email protected]/cygdrive/c/Program Files (x86)/Ludius/World of Warcraft/_retail_/Interface/AddOns/Bagnon_RequiredLevel/.release/Bagnon_RequiredLevel_1.16.zip" "https://api.wowinterface.com/addons/update"

The WOWI-1.16-CHANGELOG.txt file is not the problem. It includes the changelog only once.

What's going wrong here?

Also: Does the "compatible" tag have any purpose at all? If I use it like that, the client version of my addons do not get updated on WOWI.

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