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Unit frames and Nameplates from Warcraft TBC tournament


I'm looking for a new Unit frames addon.
For the longest time i've been using EasyFrames.
I combine my addons with ElvUI and i'm capable of making simple yet effective weakauras.

What i'm looking for are the the unitframes and the Nameplates whom Warcraft uses for their Classic TBC Tournament.
I would like the Unit frames, argueably a little more narrow, working as the normal unit frames with matching Target of target, debuffs and cast bar.
Futhermore i really love the Nameplates. They look clean, the castbar i really nice and the round icon is just really really good.

To help you i've taking a screenshot which shows the nameplates and unitframes.
Screen: https://pasteboard.co/Kdq11mV.png

I relly hope you are able to help me.
Thanks in advance
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