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Originally Posted by Vlad View Post
I think a better approach is opt-in where authors get a mail with a list of addons someone else wishes to host on their site, with some options and such.
Yep. If your bot can scrape addons and all their metadata from Curse, it could send a PM to the author on Curse with little additional work. This could get your account banned as a spammer on the site, but there's probably less of a risk with this type of PM than if you were sending out generic "hey everyone check out our site" messages.

You're also hosting less than 200 addons, with probably less than 50 authors represented. It wouldn't take you that long to go through the addons by hand and look for contact information. All my addons, for example, list my email address in their TOC and README files.

Finally, the fact that you're still not even showing addon author names really gives a bad impression. Curse displays this information in the same standardized format it displays all the other metadata you're apparently having no difficulty in scraping, so what's the problem with author names?
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