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Originally Posted by Seny69 View Post
Can you please make this addon work with Handynotes? Handynotes is a MAJOR part of WOD because it shows where all the bonus resources are. Because of Handynotes I have successfully been able to level up every building in my garrison to level 3 delete them all and start new buildings. I'm not sure if its something they have to do on their side or your side but other than that this addon is working great for me.

One more issue I have been having with your latest build. If im in nagrand and i open my map and hover over any territory in Draenor it doesn't show flightpaths or quests or anything. Its like looking at an undiscovered area. Im happy to take a screenshot if needed.

as with all other addons with map integrations which previously worked with Carbonite, HandyNotes wont work with the current Carbonite because the author won't update their addon to work with it as long as Rythal does not officially release an updated version.

The GIT version of Carbonite is working very well, but is still not an officially released version.
Once it goes official on wowinterface/curse/whathaveyou, other addons will probably be updated to integrate with it again.

Please guys, stop asking Rythal to add compatibility fixes for other addons. Don't pile up additional work that would further delay an official release on him (even if he's ultimately the one deciding what he works on, requesting features still puts some pressure on him).