WoWInterface - View Single Post - Grrr.... 8.2 changes killed nUI, did it kill other UI addons?
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Thanks! Your code inserted into the core.lua file where indicated didn't seem to fix the problem.

I might be out of luck with this addon as the author doesn't play any more. It's such a lightweight, simple addon and it's worked for many expansions / patches with no changes needed. If you know any good alternatives, then please share them in the thread and maybe others can benefit from your recommendations when searching on this issue.

A bit frustrating that it was working fine on the PTR until just recently. Blizzard made a change in the last few weeks to something that probably didn't need it in a patch release.

I appreciate the responses and didn't mean to derail the thread from the original issue. I just wanted to make the poster aware that it wasn't just nUI that was affected.
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