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Originally Posted by Aeriez View Post
I'm simply not certain what within the addon needs to be translated.
Any "english" text you use should be localized. This includes text that is output, text labels on buttons and other controls, and any text used for comparision to things that might be translated already. Tooltips is an excellent example of text that will be localized by Blizzard.

Search the addons you have installed for ones with a Locale sub-folder that contains multiple files with names like Locale-enUS.lua, Locale-deDE.lua, etc. You will one of them (usually -enUS) will contain an array (usually L) where each key is set to true. In the other files, the keys will be identical, but the values will be the translation. You can then look at the code for places where, for example, L["word"] or L["this is a phrase"] are used. These will be translated using the various Locale-xxYY.lua files.
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