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[Classic] zoning with RepByZone doesn't always switch watched reps

With build 1.0.2 of RepByZone, most of it is working finally, which is great (news everybody)! Er, sorry, wrong game version for that reference...

Anyway, zoning into and out of the Deeprun Tram does not switch the watched reputation. According to Data.lua Deeprun Tram ought to be Stormwind, and exiting into Ironforge ought to switch to Gnomeregan Exiles. Neither is true.

Walking into the tram works, as on the Stormwind side, Dwarven District is correctly flagged as Ironforge, and entering from Ironforge correctly sets Gnomeregan Exiles. But that is only entering the tram, not exiting.

What I have tried:
  • Using a delay timer of 0.5 seconds before switching reps
  • Registering for PEW and checking for both reloadUI and zoning

Neither did the trick, so I'm asking for ideas. I'm worried that zoning into an instance, raid, or battleground will also fail to switch, and have been trying to find groups to confirm or deny.
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