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Trying it out

Hi.. I am a current user of Auction Matrix, but I love KCET and AutoRepair, so I thought I'd give this a try.

As the gentleman before mentioned... I couldn't figure out how to use it. the /kci (option) commands keep giving an "additional input needed" message. I finally figured out to use the scan button and then some tooltip info displayed.

I ran the scan once and the info seems a bit off. It's hard to tell on the sell/buyout/etc prices, but the thing that really seems off to me is the "Number of times seen". If I reaed it correctly, it should reflect the total number of items seen (adding up for example, 10 auctions with 6 pieces each would give 60 times). The number after 1 scan is up in the hundreds... I did a manual check of 2 items, both of which the 'added up number of items' was less than a tenth of the number shown.....

Hope this feedback helps.