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I noticed that there was no tooltip info being passed when using AIOI (I was testing it briefly before deciding I liked MyInventory better). The tooltip info works just fine with MyInv, tho.

As for suggestions, I wouldn't mind being able to see a SellValue-like window where I could see the worth of my inventory (and be able to exclude things from said list). The auction info is nice, although I'd prefer a few display options for removing some of the lines (for example: I really only care about the prices...quantity seen and a reiteration of the amount I am mousing over is unecessary). The labels for the bid elements are a little off to me. I don't think of Actual Bid as Highest Bid for example. If it were "Avg Min-Avg Buy-High Bid" instead of "MinBid-Buyout-Actual Bid" I think it would be a little clearer. Of course, if you like them the way they are I can always poke around and change them myself. :P

I hope you continue to tinker with this, as it has great potential.
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