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Re: Blizzards UI

I think I can say, hand on heart, that Blizzards efforts to update the default UI have fallen short of the mods they've attempted to clone in pretty much every single case. Basically, the way it tends to go is Blizzard is inspired by a popular mod. Players try Blizzard's interpretation and then immediately go back to the popular mod simply because it has more features, more flexibility and is usually closer to what the players actually want (given that those who care will have probably fed back to the mod developer re bugs, improvement ideas etc).

This begs the question, "Why don't Blizzard actually employ some of the mod developers to improve their UI?". And the answer? I really don't know.

Re: Carbonite update

Haavok's mentioned there's one in development. Hopefully we'll see a release that addresses the worst issues caused by WoW 3.1 patch soon. I'd rather not play WoW with a buggy Carbonite. By that I mean, I'd literally, rather not login to WoW until Carbonite is fixed.