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Originally Posted by arkady25 View Post
I'm new to nUI so some of these problems/suggestions/pet peeves might be answered somewhere else or fixed in the most recent version (just installed tonight). Overall I love the addon

1. Proffesor Putricide - attmepts remaining runs off screen
I'm presuming this is one of the battleground timers? If so, you should be able to use '/nui movers' to enable dragging and move the time anchor to a place that allows you to see the entire timer, then use '/nui movers' a second time to lock everything back down.

2. Gun Ship Battle - HP bars of the boats get shoved off screen below the mini map. The hud doesn't change while mounted in a gun so displays useless info like your hp/mp instead of heat charges. It does show your gun as a 'pet'. So really tiny and kinda anyoing to keep an eye on while watching other stuff.
If you would, post a screen shot of the HP bars being shoved off the bottom of the screen... I'm guessing they're Blizzard health bars that you shouldn't be seeing at all, but need to see them to be sure. If you reply to this message, just scroll down the reply page and you'll find a "Manage Attachments" button you can click to upload the screen shot directly to this thread.

It would also help if you could try and identify the bars for me... you should be able to place your mouse over one of them and then type in /script print( GetMouseFocus():GetName() ) and let me know what it reports.

All of that said, Blizzard treats vehicles identically to pets. In fact, if you are mounted on a vehicle, most times UnitHealth( "pet" ) will actually return the health of the vehicle. Put another way, all vehicles are pets, not all pets are vehicles. The guns are vehicles. So, their health, power, etc., appear in the same manner as a pet's health and power. That said, it is possible that nUI is not correctly collecting the power for the guns, so that may well be a bug. I'll look into it.

3. Flame Laviathan - After dismounting hot keys get messed up and macros don't work. (might be a boomkin problem)
This is a known issue which appears to have been recently introduced as a Blizz bug in the 3.3 patch. I am narrowing in on the issue thanks to a tip from Gman the other day. Hopefully I'll have a fix soon. In a nutshell, it appears that Blizzard is not honoring the fact that addons have reassigned key bindings from the Blizzard action bars to the addon action bars and is "stealing" the key binds back when it shouldn't. The "fix" is for me to come up with a programmatic way to detect when this happens and "reclaim" the key bindings.

4. Chat bars - In order to have enough chat to make it useful the font needs to be set at microscopic. 2 fixes i've found, A) Increase the font size so you only see about 3 lines. B) Enlarge the font box vertically to cover up all your buffs. Please make the chat screen wider.
This one I have to say is subjective. For every complaint I get that the chat frame is too small, I get another one that it is too big. It's a no-win in the default UI. nUI6 will address this by making it easier to resize the chat frame. In the meantime, you can edit [ Interface > AddOns > nUI > Layouts > Default > nUI_Layout_Default_Dashboard.lua ] and locate the chat frame section... then set it to whatever size you want it to be.

5. Target debuffs/castbar/lattency - Please have a quartz like option. The bar system quartz uses is easier to view at a glance, the lattency cast bar is easier seen in prefferal vision. I feel i need to stare at this tiny blue lattency bar with a 28in monitor.
This, too, is subjective. It's because you're used to seeing the quartz style latency bar and, thus, have a muscle memory associated with it. I have a long list of people who love the nUI style latency bar and an even longer list of people who would pitch a fit if I changed it. That said, nUI6 will offer you 4 styles of latency presentation in cast bar... one of which will be quartz-like. Personally, I hate the quartz style of latency bar, if that matters any.

6. Fading out abilities. Please have an option to turn this off. Some abilities are being faded out even though they are usuable. Best example of this would be druids battle res w/ glyph will shadow it out because it "needs" a reagent.
Is this where I'm supposed to say "rtfm" ?? ~smile~


/nui bar dimming

By default, while you are in combat or have an active target, if any action on your bar is unusable or active on your target, it is dimmed as a cue that you cannot or do not need to cast it yet and brightens when it procs or expires on the target. This option toggles this behavior on and off.

7. An easy way to move an individual action bar to wherever you wanted would be nice.
Ummm... okay... again...

/nui movers

Enables and disables moving the standard Blizzard UI frames such as tooltips, durability, quest timer, quest tracker, PvP objectives, etc.

8. Raid frames. It would be nice to have all the raid frames together and the map somewhere else (disabled maybe) while in groups. The current layout for the raid frames takes up more space to click between than the standard blizzard frames. It would also be nice if debuffs could be bigger, or maybe just specific ones like penetrating cold or the saurfang debuff.
All of this is covered in nUI6. It's a known issue, particularly for healers, having the raid frames separated by the minimap (which is acually the focus frame location if you have a focus set). The original idea was to have the player, target and focus unit frames centered in the unit panel, with the raid info surrounding that. I'll offer a healer option in nUI6 which will move that orientation in order to place all raid unit frames together.

nUI6 will also offer white-list and black-list options for aura displays which will accomplish the other item you're after.

9. The bar at the top. Many times i have clicked up there to try and target a mob only to get my achievement panel in my face instead. Is it possible to have that as a pull out side bar similiar to what there is for auctioneer or maybe the same as the minimap button bag.
/nui console {on|off|mouseover}

Sets the visibility option for the top console where 'on' always show the console, 'off' always hides the console and 'mouseover' shows the console when the mouse is over the console.

You can also use '/nui movers' to relocate the micro-menu to a less annoying place for your style of game play.

10. Changing rep bars small pet peeve here. If you have a bar that is say 3/4 full and change to a bar that is 1/2 full the missing quarter will look "burned" into your screen.
That's because the bar is tracking the "change" in the bar. That "change" fades after a moment. nUI uses one code base for displaying all bars... health, power, XP, Rep, etc. The "change" feature is available on the all the bars as a result.

11. A place for debuffs. There might be somewhere i'm not looking. It seems that debuffs are only shown on your postage stamp sized portriat or with a HUD up. It would be nice to not have to have a HUD up to see if i get a curse of blow up the raid in 10sec.
If you are using the Player/Target or Health/Power HUD, the player debuffs are displayed very prominently in the upper left of the HUD right under your name. Your pet/vehicle's debuffs are displayed on the left of the HUD, as well, under its name.

If you are using the SimpleHUD then the debuffs appear on the left side of the HealthRace bar. You can find the location of all of nUI's elements itemized here: http://www.wowinterface.com/forums/s...ad.php?t=21108

12. Simple Hud. I kinda love it. Do the bars mean anything? It would be nice if the bars were of you MP/Rage/Energy on the left and bosses MP/Rage/Energy on the right since HP is already shown with the pointers.
Then it wouldn't be the simple HUD anymore would it? ~smile~

From the documentation...

============= IN-HUD HEALTH RACE BAR ==============

The top bar in the HUD, directly below the player character on screen is the nUI Health Race bar (which is only visible when you are targeting a player or mob that you can attack). This bar is made up of four components... the bar itself, a player health button at the top left, a target health button at the top right and a relative health button (the race button) at the bottom center. In short, this single bar gives a quick view of the player's health and target's health relative to their individual maximums as well as their percent health relative to one another. I highly recommend you give this bar a try for PvP as it provides you a powerful single reference to measure your progress against your opponent.

At full health, the player health button is to the far left edge of the bar and the target health button to the far right... as either the player's health or the target's health declines, their respective buttons will move toward the center of the bar. The first one to the middle loses! ~smile~ At a glance, both buttons show their health as a percentage of their maximums.

The key button is the relative health button at the bottom of the bar. This button measures the relative health of the player (as a percent of the player's maximum) as compared to the relative health of the target (as a percent of the target's maximum). When the button is at the center of the bar, then the player and target have the same relative health. If the player's percentage of their maximum health is higher than the target's, the relative health button will move left of center. If the target's health is higher as a percentage of its maximum as compared to the player's percentage of total health, the button moves to the right.

The further left of center the bottom button moves, the higher the player's health relative to the target's and visa versa. A relative health of 100 means the player is at full health and the target at or near death in which case the bottom button will be to the far left of the bar and the bar color will be bright green. A relative health of -100 means the target is at full health the player at or near death and the bar will be colored bright red. If both the target and player are at near equal health as a percentage of their maximums, the button will be at the center and the bar colored yellow.

13. Group sort seems broken. On this point also priest spell Prayer of Healing heals an entire party. It would be nice to easily see all 5 players in a group in some organised fashion. It seems even if raid sort worked it would still show groups of 4 not 5 as would be ideal.
This is an issue of space available in part, it's an issue of combat taint in part and it's an issue of not "seeing" the sort in part. I thought I posted this in just the last day or two, but can't find it in a quick search, so maybe it was just an e-mail support question I was replying to. Anyway, here's how the raid sort works.

The unit frames are presented in the following manner for a 25 man raid...

01 02 03 04        16 15 14 13
05 06 07 08        20 19 18 17
09 10 11 12        24 23 22 21
Note that there are only 24 unit frames there... your unit frame is *not* among them because you already have a larger unit frame... why display the same thing twice. So that means one of the five raid groups will only display 4 units... the four that are in the same group as yourself. The other four raid groups will display 5 units. So, if you are in group 1, the raid sort would look like this...

1 1 1 1    4 4 3 3
2 2 2 2    5 4 4 4
2 3 3 3    5 5 5 5
So... they are sorted. It just appear as such at first glance. Also, if your raid changes during combat (like often happens in battelgrounds) your raid sort will not change until you leave combat. It *has* to be this way or it would cause taint.

The healer friendly unit panels in nUI6 will use the more familiar 5x unit frame layout all grouped tightly together and will repeat the player's own unit frame so this issue is addressed. The DPS unit frames will remain more or less the same though they'll be simplified to only show the info a DPS player needs to know about their raid.

P.S. Sorry for the wall of text. Still love the addon. Would love to see it get better
No worries... I do not ascribe to the "tl;dnr" attitude so prevalent these days. I often generate walls of text... it's called "communicating ideas"

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