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Originally Posted by ScytheBlade1 View Post


1. Nearly all of my addons fail to install with "Internal Error!"
This is a known issue. The developers are working to correct this problem and will be fixed in the next beta release. If you wish to know more please see Bug #244 on our bug tracker (requires registration).
** This should be fixed in the latest version.
Hi, does "** This should be fixed in the latest version." mean it should be fixed in the version available now, or fixed in the next upcoming version? I just installed Minion and I get the Internal Error on about half of the addons I have installed. (Example: Auctionator and Vuhdo both give me "Internal Error") If its the next update then I'll be patient and update manually, but if it should be fixed in the current one, then... I guess I should register on the bug tracker?

I'm on an iMac running snow leopard 10.6.1 if that makes a difference at all.
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