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Now I can understand why Rythal has given back the Addon to Com,

Kreelor I cannot understand why you always make efforts knocked back by your Comments

We all have jobs to do and maintain the addon in our spare freetime it is not as in the beginning of Carbonite that someone wants to live from the addon because of Blizz policy to do not pay for addons.

Yes we know about the Issuses

and it is worked at the addon

You can share your thoughts with us and can help

But as I know from previous disscussions

you want it updated on Curse because you even have no efforts to learn how to put it in your addon folder from github and as always yesterday with all fixes

Carbonite is an great but big addon
which cannot maintained by a superguru in spare freetime

what we try after Rythals statement to give back to Community
is to find some developpers to spend freetime to develop Carbonite
Ircdirk develops Questmodul at the moment, I'm make the translation part and will begin to add data for Innkeepers and postal,

we know there are many things to do and they cannot done by one person in a second

You should be graceful that there are Persons who do the Parts.

Greetings Samyonair
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