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Age should never be the reason or excuse to never learn new things. I am 54, working 16 hour days building and servicing computers. I own my own business, and when work is slow I take that as a chance to add LUA to my skill set. I am by no means an expert, yet, but I did not bemoan my age as a reason not to move forward. God is the only one who knows our end, and we waste what we have been given, by not trying to better ourselves in all areas. I work out at 05:30 4 days a week, take time to reflect on what is ahead of me for that day, and see what I can grow into by building on past experiences. The brain is a muscle, and exercising it with mental activity has been clinically shown to protect from onset of all types of neurological disorders. I am also excited to be involved in a project like this, and hope my contributions count toward a greater goal, of giving back to a game that has given me income, and time with my family. My wife and son also play, and my daughter is thinking about joining us in game also. She is a miracle, as a high functioning autistic adult. To meet her, you would not think she has any sort of disability, because she never gives up or refuses to learn new things. No excuses for her. This post is longer than I intended, and I hope it clears up any questions about this addon and the direction it is going.
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