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Ehy ehy ehy... don't bash a dwarf as him behaves "a little" rude, as dwarves usually are.

@Kreelor: I think I know your feelings, seeing Carbonite isn't updated into Curse, as they was mine also, months ago.

Just remember two things:

1) all addons are made by source, nothing is "compiled" or "worked on" in any other way: so, to update them, it's just a matter of "copy the files".
A little more detailed:
(a) make a backup of the old Carbonite addon (I mean compressing WoW(* see below) > addons > Carbonite(s) folders into a zip archive, just to make it possible to restore it, if something fails),
(b) download the last (stable) update from HERE (the "source code (zip)" link, if you're not running with linux/unix),
(c) unpack the downloaded zip into a temporary folder,
(d) delete the existing (old) addons > Carbonite folders (I mean Carbonite, Carbonite.info, ..., Carbonite.weekly ones), and
(e) copy the unpacked folders (only Carbonite, Carbonite.info, ..., Carbonite.weekly ones, not the "master" (container) folder you'll find after unzipping) into WoW's addons' folder...
...and voilą, les jeuxs son fait: start WoW and look into AddOns to find "Carbonite". If it happens, chances are the update was succesful.

2) the ones writing here are PROGRAMMERS: guys used to "make it all by hands", mostly not using "updaters" or such things... and expecting others doing the same.

All apart: I'm seeing movement, here, Rythal striving to pass the most part of the work to volunteers, the community (and we all have to thank him for the BIG WORK on this "critical addon", really), others asking him to "complete the release loop" (to the community), so that updates could be done (easily) from Curse, WoWInterface, etc.... I'm seeing LIFE in this project and, considering Carbonite really a "critical" addon, I'm quite relaxed, now, thinking it won't be left back, the same as we'll still have Rythal looking over it.
(I remember the first time (in my memory) Carbonite broke: it seemed to me to feel the big "NOOOOOOOOO!!!" screamed out by the whole WoW's community... that was scaring, guys )

If we need to manually update it, now, that's why, and it seems not that "wrong" or "hard" to me, 'till they can update on Curse, it's just to try: if you'll fail, WoW's client gives you the chance to de-select the failing addon, so to have the client working anyway: nothing to be scared of.
Just retry, or restore the old one you backed up with zip.

I encourage you to (manually) update, right before the community will manage to update it on Curse: Rythal and the others fixed A LOT of things was making it nearly unusable: I'm using it into Broken Isles and, even if it's not yet perfect (some glitches about randomly poiting to quests' enders), it's at least "usable": I mean, the maps are still FAR better than Blizzard ones.

An elf

(*) to find where WoW's addons are, just start Battle.net's client, click the Options dropdown menu, select the "reveal in finder" (I'm using a Mac, not sure the writing it's the same on Windows, but it may be similar): that should open an Explorer with the "World of Warcraft" folder selected: follow the Interface > AddOns and you'll find all you've installed.

71 seems not that much ages, for a dwarf
Like 51 it's not that much ages for an elf

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