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Curse.com / Twitch / Getting addon authors here?

tl;dr: does anyone have any ideas of how to get more addon authors to update here in addition to curse?

I went to login to curse today to see if anything updated there that I use. mods.curse.com redirects to curseforge.com, and requires 3rd party cookies, and/or a twitch account.

I run Linux (Ubuntu, 17.04 at the moment) and I have 3rd party cookies turned off as a general security/privacy thing. The *only* reason I want curse is for the few things that don't update here, and I'm *not* at *all* interested in twitch.

I've repeatedly asked the various authors whose addons I interact with to update here. Curse hasn't ever offered notification when an addon updates - I assume they rely on their updater. The curse addon updater doesn't have a linux version, and getting ANOTHER program to work under emulation is beyond my patience/yak shaving. I noticed that they *finally* offered to notify when an addon page got comments, which was after I started telling addon authors about being able to get *that* here also. (Whether it was in the works, or my comments to addon authors had any impact, I don't know.)

Some addon authors started updating here more often. Some moved to add their addons here. Some replied that they can't be bothered, and some never responded/reacted that I could see. I know that they get some money from curse, tho I don't know the details.

Any other suggestions? Anyone else doing outreach? If your comment is going to be 'suck it up', 'get over it', or something else along those lines, please just pass by. If I was willing to permit 3rd party cookies, or add ANOTHER website/password/adstream to my bandwidth, I would have.

I want to thank all the maintainers of this website for doing so. It makes my addon/browsing experience much more pleasant.
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